about femmepirical evidence

Who are we?:

Queer academics & best friends from college.

MELINA: PhD student in English in an east coast city, teaching & preparing for orals.

MEG: PhD student in Art History, newly relocated to the west coast.

Our goals for Femmepirical Evidence:

1. Make better and more creative use of our closets.

2. Resist the siren call of loungewear in our graduate student lives.

3. Beg the denizens of the internet to help us bring back 90s floral prints.

4. Be a place for us to continue the conversation on femme visibility both inside and outside of the academy.

5. Keep in touch with each other's evolving style & recent conquests.

Femme-spiration Fridays:

Most Fridays we feature someone (a public figure, fictional character, real life person, group of people, etc etc) that is "femme-spiration" to us or our readers (previous examples available here). We think that femme-spiration is deeply personal, and that it can be as literal as femmes we admire, to folks whose presentation, attitude, or style influences one's interpretation of how to embody "femme." There's a lot of leeway here. We love having guest contributors for this, and encourage you to email us at femmepiricalevidence@gmail.com if you'd like to contribute! The subject need not be femme, or even identify as female. We're excited to hear from you!

Want to rep Femmepirical Evidence on your blog?:

Feel free to use this image & link it to http://femmepiricalevidence.blogspot.com

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