Sunday, September 14, 2014

A little bit of news

Guess what?

Ali and I eloped in June... surprise! We did it quietly in the desert with just two close friends as witnesses, and surprised our friends and family with announcements send via snail mail. We struggled a bit with how we felt about marriage as feminists and queer women (complicated, but we still want do it), and what to wear (not twin bridal dresses, but... what?). Here's what we came up with.

(PS: watermarked photos are by our amazing photographer, Kristin Chemistruck from Chemistruck Photography. She made us feel comfortable and amazing. Thanks Kristin!)

If Ali had her druthers, her entire wardrobe would consist of silk shirts from Everlane. When we were thinking about what to wear, we knew we wanted to keep thing simple and avoid actual wedding attire. We set out shopping one day, determined to find Ali something plain, simple, but well-made and beautiful. I think this dress was quite the find, although it wasn't entirely clear at first. 

Ali came out of the sale rack at J. Crew wielding this royal blue silk maxi-dress, which was being marketed as a beach cover-up. Here's J. Crew's idea about how to style it.

As you might imagine, at first I had a hard time understanding why Ali was wielding a full-length swath of silk at me, and what kind of human would purchase a silk beach cover-up and proceed to wear it with a baseball cap and Converse. When she explained her vision-- to lob off a foot and a half from the bottom of the dress-- it started to become clear to me. The result was a beautiful silk dress, completely plain (per Ali's request) that cost about $40 plus the cost of hemming. Take that, wedding industrial complex. Her shoes are black suede sandals from Kate Spade Saturday

I opted for this be-jeweled Anthropologie dress with 1940s style reproduction wedges from Re-Mix. I like that it alluded to a white wedding dress without being a wedding dress per se. 

My earrings are also from Anthropologie, and the lipstick is Stila Valentina (be warned, this stuff is amazing but lipliner is nonnegotiable; Ali swears by this stuff by Cargo which is reverse lipliner that can be worn with any shade. It works great, but as far as I can tell only comes in two colors that are meant for white skin, which is problematic). My favorite beauty find of late is Benefit Brow Zings, which is the best thing ever; my brows haven't been this happy in a long time.

Ali is wearing a gorgeous pair of Collette Ishiyama earrings that she purchased for the occasion, by the by. They're called the Chrysler Tower earrings, and have an amazing deco design, and are accented with stingray leather besides. Collette makes beautiful things and offers amazing customer service; we can't recommend her enough.

 In the end, we were incredibly pleased with our quiet ceremony, relaxing time in the desert, with with our sartorial decisions which we felt matched what we think is special about marriage, and shirked the traditions that didn't work for us. Yay!


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