Thursday, July 17, 2014

Friendspiration: another Femmestagram update

Hello femmes and friends! Back again with another quickie post because I just cannot seem to get it together for an actual shoot right now. I'm not sure I've worn anything especially blog-worthy recently, but the same has not been true of the lovely femmes I've been lucky enough to spend time with this summer. So, here we have it—my IRL friendspiration from the end of June (pride season!) and early July.

First up, we have Elizabeth absolutely crushing her fashun for the Dyke March & Pride.  You fellow "Orphan Black" fans out there might recognize her eyeliner inspiration for the following looks. I couldn't get enough of this floral "BITCH" t-shirt, which she paired with this tough statement necklace, impeccable makeup, and adorable cut-offs.

Looking fine with her boo at dyke march.

For the next day, E. remixed the necklace & cutoffs with this amazing boy scout uniform shirt that she tied at the waist (that part was my revelation while we were thrifting together—I have to take at least a little credit for how perfect this look is). She was pretty much a bigger showstopper than anything happening on the corporate sponsored floats. She must have been stopped at least 4 times by onlookers marveling at her ensemble, and one person even suggested that we all show up as a matching crew next year. I think we'll probably hit the beach for the next pride, but it's still a good idea!

shirt: thrifted from ltrain vintage (vice versa) / lips: sephora cream lip stain in always red

Nowhere near as exciting, but okay, since you asked, readers: I wore this 90s crop top that I picked up at a Goodwill recently, paired with this leopard-and-sunglasses printed scarf, my trusty "feminist killjoy" necklace & a coral lipstick that I borrowed from E. The next day, I wore my very first romper, picked up at Beacon's closet—which is also where K. found that amazing cut-off.

homemade popsicles with shannon & k on the way to the train!

The following weekend, Fuchsia and I got to hang out before one of K's drag shows, and snapped a photo of our best 90s dream girl ensembles. I was having a lot of strong feelings about Fuchsia's whole look—I mean how brilliantly is she pulling off that little mini jumper/dress thing with those fabulously frump danskos and the layered necklaces? I want the whole outfit. But mostly I just want to tell you that these photos of us are brought to you by bike shorts. In fact, I think my whole summer of 2014 is sponsored by bike shorts, which are finally allowing me to shorten my hem lines while maintaining my comfort.

dress, backpack & hat: thrifted (various savers locations) / shoes: danskos mary jane / necklaces: by fuchsia @ metal and rocks & erica weiner / lips: nyx soft matte lip cream in ibiza

floral dress: goodwill / purse: estate sale / shoes: reebok lifestyle freestyle hi-tops / lips: nyx xtreme lip cream in dolly girl

And finally, I couldn't help sharing this outfit of Shannon's with you, even though I wasn't present for this actual moment because she was out of the city on vacay. But this is the beauty of femmestagram; modern technology was fortunately able to allow me a glimpse of this magical onesie moment shared with her beautiful friend Jeannie. You know it's a great photo when I can't tell if I have more outfit or ice cream envy.

happy summer! hope your days are filled with as many soft serve cones & babes as mine have been.



  1. I love her style too. Just like you, I am longing to wear and pair it to my knee length high waisted skirts.

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