Saturday, November 16, 2013

Bare-legged October

Pardon my long absence, and the fact that I'm going to taunt you with these photos from early fall that feature bare legs and rolled up sleeves. I'll refrain from telling you about how the west coast is still so warm and sunny that I could wear shorts every day if I wanted to... whoops, I let that one slip out. Anyway, these are from a quick round of pictures we did on a Saturday morning in the beginning of October getting some iced coffees and walking Miss Harper (who is now considerably bigger!).

Sweater: Anthropologie (get the look) / Dress: Target (get the look) / Shoes: Nine West (get the look) / Earrings: Vintage, a birthday gift from my lovely friend Abby who wrote this Femmespiration post

Friday, November 15, 2013

M & E's excellent adventure

The semester has been a little too crazy for outfit documenting lately, but I thought it was about time for me to post these photos from a month ago, when Elizabeth & I roadtripped to my hometown for a weekend of thrifting and scavenging bliss. We were serious about it, and I was able to show E all of my favorite tucked away spots, in addition to dragging her around to a number of exciting and profitable estate sales. Basically, we bought a lottttttt of stuff, for very little $$$, all while listening to Rihanna's "Pour it Up" obsessively on repeat and talking about the feminist politics of not only that anthem, but also of Nicki Minaj's mastery of the guest verse (see the hairpin article here). What I am trying to tell you is that it was a dream weekend.

In between all of these incredibly absorbing activities, we managed to take a few shots near this abandoned plane I've been intrigued with for a while. E was able to show off a beautiful coat she'd thrifted from one of our early stops the day before, and I was working on a way to style a new bold necklace I'd picked up from another estate sale on the same day. While I'm great at thrifting, I am not always great at figuring out how to wear statement pieces of jewelry. I tend towards the minimal when it comes to accessorizing, but this is something I have been trying to challenge lately. E convinced me to pick up this piece, and I think it's an excellent start. I've already gotten a lot of wear out of it in the past month!


skirt: ann taylor loft (get the look) / vest: thrifted jacket w/ cut sleeves (get the look) / necklace: estate sale (get the look) / lips: nars heat wave

coat: thrifted / boots: gringo (get the look) / sunglasses: beyond retro (get the look)