Monday, October 21, 2013

Femmestagram: recent thrifting triumphs

This super twee look is a composite of recent thrifting conquests, and I'm not going to lie--I'm pretty psyched about it. This printed dress, which has just the right amount of a Laura Ingles Wilder vibe   was discovered by Fuchsia during our last Savers raid, and I'm so grateful that I was able to reap the benefit of her skilled thrifting eye. I then picked up this vintage statement necklace to complete the ensemble while estate sale hopping with Elizabeth in my hometown this past weekend. The handbag, also vintage, is another product of local estate sale luck. 

I'd also gotten a fresh haircut from my beloved Thomas earlier that day, and Elizabeth was kind enough to snap these photos to document this good hair/outfit moment. She couldn't be persuaded to appear in front of the camera, even though she was looking effortlessly gorgeous as usual in her oversized flannel and skinny jeans: the ideal look to be my butch shopping sidekick in K's absence. In case you're wondering, this job entails spotting me a bunch of cash because I've forgotten to go to the bank, driving me around all of tarnation so I can hit the best sales, and carrying all of the things I want to buy so that my hands are free enough to pull a queer femme Paris Hilton with my dog in his olive green travel bag. She performed her duties well extremely well. But, not to worry, readers. I wore her down by the next day, so you can expect a post featuring one of her amazing thrifting finds coming up soon. 

dress: thrifted (get the look) / necklace: thrifted (get the look) / boots: crown vintage tabitha bootie / tights: h&m / lips: NARS lip pencil in red square


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