Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Fall florals

 It wasn't feeling much like fall yesterday in my northeastern city; we hit nearly 80 degrees! But the weekend was gorgeous and just the right amount of cool. The bad news it that this unpredictable weather has me regretting that I had already moved most of my summer items to the back of my closet (and that I already started wearing tights to teach because now I feel like I can't go back & I'm getting really sweaty sticking to my guns like this). The good news is that I've been coming up with weird hybrid outfits like this one, where I paired an adorable fall peter pan collared shirt that I picked up recently for teaching with these pastel floral jeans that I put in rotation last spring. I think I was feeling inspired by Erin's recent dark floral post on Zero Style, but since I don't own any dark florals myself, I went rogue and tried to reclaim pastel for fall. Did it work? I'm not sure, but I liked it—especially for a cute weekend look.

I'm also wearing these boots by a brand called Jellypop; for me, they were a slightly more affordable way of satiating a deep yearning that began the day that I first saw the Everly boot by Jeffrey Campbell. Originally, I also had my eye on the Repo boot by Steve Madden, but they seemed like they might be a little too heavy/too high for my little crip feet. I hope someone else scoops them up, though!

He loves me, really. His eyes are filled with fear because of a passing marching band with very loud & out of tune horns.

shirt: jcrew factory (get the look) / jeans: bdg high rise (get the look) / boots: jellypop smudge (get the look) / lips: e.l.f. party pink / heart earrings: estate sale / bag:


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