Saturday, October 5, 2013

Birthday babes

Remember Melina's gorgeous college friend Caroline from here and here? Well, now that I'm living in California she's (basically) my neighbor! In the month I've here, that's meant a great combination of delicious cocktails (her secret talent is having an amazingly encyclopedic knowledge of local bars and happy hours, which is ideal) and things like last night's midnight screening of Hocus Pocus because, well, my life is great. Anyway, you may also remember Caroline from her inspiring Femmespiration post about Blair Waldorf way back in March... so unsurprisingly when the invite to her birthday party got sent out that encouraged "country club attire, serious or ironic," Blair was looming large in my consciousness.

Oh, and, surprise! I cut all my hair off. Just kidding, Ali cut all my hair off. And... it looks like it wasn't chopped off by my girlfriend in our bathroom, so I'm pumped about it.

When Ali and I arrived at the party, Caroline was looking gorgeous in a pink ASOS dress that perfectly matched the pink ombre birthday cake Ali made for her, so that was a win. Especially after all of the gorgeous photo shoots of Melina and Elizabeth happening across the country (like here and here), Caroline and I have been plotting to fight back with our own! Unfortunately we were too focused on our boozing and chasing away invading pups from neighboring gatherings, so we didn't get to take many shots together-- next time!

With C's friend Amanda, in celebration of the bob!
Meg top: Delancy Top from Anthropologie / shorts: Anthropologie / sunnies: AJ Morgan / shoes: Nine West (get the look) / lips: MAC Silly

Caroline dress: ASOS / shoes: ASOS / sunnies: DKNY / lips: MAC Russian Red


  1. Love the haircut!!

  2. whoa, how am i just seeing this now?! total babes. and this is obviously bob propaganda.

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