Saturday, October 26, 2013

On Apple Picking and Denim on Denim

Ah, the accidental Canadian tuxedo. I've actually been trying to figure out how to do a really fashion-y and intentional Canadian tuxedo look this fall: with a light chambray shirt and darker jeans, boots, a big messy top-knot and red lips, it seems like it should be a cinch. But I haven't perfected the intentional Canadian tuxedo yet. Maybe because it's a look that always works best when it seems effortless. I still remember a particularly stunning member of my cohort who rocked her denim jacket with jeans like it was nothing during our first year. I commended her on her impressive execution of D on D once, and she was like, "what? Oh, I didn't really think about it." I rest my case.

Anyway, I found myself forced into an accidental Canadian tuxedo situation during our weekend visit to see Fuchsia in Western Mass. a while ago. Because here is a thing that is true about me: I CAN'T PACK CORRECTLY FOR ANYTHING. Not even for a weekend. But you know, I'm okay with what I ended up wearing for this bucolic fall day of bestie apple picking, and I loved that Fuchsia and I both went for shades of denim for the occasion. We were also sure to faithfully re-apply our lipstick in the car before picking up bags—a move which earned us some truly memorable side-eye from the farm employee. But that's just how we roll.

jacket: gap factory (get the look) / shirt: modcloth love ballad tunic / jeans: bdg high rise (get the look) boots: madden girl dolo boot / lips: elf mineral lipstick in beautiful berry 

denim shirt: thrifted from savers / striped tee: j.crew factory (get the look) / jeans: madewell (get the look) / scarf: florence, italy / loafers: bass men's, thrifted from savers / lips: NARS red square


Monday, October 21, 2013

Femmestagram: recent thrifting triumphs

This super twee look is a composite of recent thrifting conquests, and I'm not going to lie--I'm pretty psyched about it. This printed dress, which has just the right amount of a Laura Ingles Wilder vibe   was discovered by Fuchsia during our last Savers raid, and I'm so grateful that I was able to reap the benefit of her skilled thrifting eye. I then picked up this vintage statement necklace to complete the ensemble while estate sale hopping with Elizabeth in my hometown this past weekend. The handbag, also vintage, is another product of local estate sale luck. 

I'd also gotten a fresh haircut from my beloved Thomas earlier that day, and Elizabeth was kind enough to snap these photos to document this good hair/outfit moment. She couldn't be persuaded to appear in front of the camera, even though she was looking effortlessly gorgeous as usual in her oversized flannel and skinny jeans: the ideal look to be my butch shopping sidekick in K's absence. In case you're wondering, this job entails spotting me a bunch of cash because I've forgotten to go to the bank, driving me around all of tarnation so I can hit the best sales, and carrying all of the things I want to buy so that my hands are free enough to pull a queer femme Paris Hilton with my dog in his olive green travel bag. She performed her duties well extremely well. But, not to worry, readers. I wore her down by the next day, so you can expect a post featuring one of her amazing thrifting finds coming up soon. 

dress: thrifted (get the look) / necklace: thrifted (get the look) / boots: crown vintage tabitha bootie / tights: h&m / lips: NARS lip pencil in red square


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Impulse buy II: Philip Lim for Target

I'm sure this is exactly what the Great Minds of Target had in mind, but both times that I've purchased items from their designer collections, they were impulse buys in their purest forms. As in, I went to Target for some other reason (in this case, a raincoat for Griffin which I hope will make an appearance on here soon), became utterly overcome by my unquenchable thirst for consumerism, and then purchased a piece without even trying it on. It worked out well when I picked up this Lela Rose top last winter from the Neiman Marcus collection & this leopard print sweater by Philip Lim was no exception. 

It's not that I hadn't been eying the Philip Lim collection from its first sneak peek appearance on the internet—I had. It's just that I couldn't figure out which item I wanted to spend my monthly clothing allowance on. At first, I wanted the dress in this print (which I've seen so many gorgeous femmes rocking since its release!), but this pull over was ultimately a better choice for my shape. In any case, it was the perfect thing to wear on my fall escape to Massachusetts with K. this past weekend. I managed to get a bunch of compliments on the color, both in person and after K. posted a photo on Instagram of me playing in the leaves with Griffin. Internet compliments are the great. And you're right, Ali: whoever said that redheads can't wear orange is DEAD WRONG.

Don't worry, readers: photos of me apple picking with my beloved BFF Fuchsia while wearing a Canadian tuxedo are imminent.


sweater: philip lim for target / jeans:BDG high rise cigarette   / boots: madden girl dolo boot / necklace: queens metal: bold jewelry for fearless women (get the look)  / lips: nars velvet matte lip pencil in red square (thanks, fuchsia!)


Saturday, October 5, 2013

Birthday babes

Remember Melina's gorgeous college friend Caroline from here and here? Well, now that I'm living in California she's (basically) my neighbor! In the month I've here, that's meant a great combination of delicious cocktails (her secret talent is having an amazingly encyclopedic knowledge of local bars and happy hours, which is ideal) and things like last night's midnight screening of Hocus Pocus because, well, my life is great. Anyway, you may also remember Caroline from her inspiring Femmespiration post about Blair Waldorf way back in March... so unsurprisingly when the invite to her birthday party got sent out that encouraged "country club attire, serious or ironic," Blair was looming large in my consciousness.

Oh, and, surprise! I cut all my hair off. Just kidding, Ali cut all my hair off. And... it looks like it wasn't chopped off by my girlfriend in our bathroom, so I'm pumped about it.

When Ali and I arrived at the party, Caroline was looking gorgeous in a pink ASOS dress that perfectly matched the pink ombre birthday cake Ali made for her, so that was a win. Especially after all of the gorgeous photo shoots of Melina and Elizabeth happening across the country (like here and here), Caroline and I have been plotting to fight back with our own! Unfortunately we were too focused on our boozing and chasing away invading pups from neighboring gatherings, so we didn't get to take many shots together-- next time!

With C's friend Amanda, in celebration of the bob!
Meg top: Delancy Top from Anthropologie / shorts: Anthropologie / sunnies: AJ Morgan / shoes: Nine West (get the look) / lips: MAC Silly

Caroline dress: ASOS / shoes: ASOS / sunnies: DKNY / lips: MAC Russian Red

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Fall florals

 It wasn't feeling much like fall yesterday in my northeastern city; we hit nearly 80 degrees! But the weekend was gorgeous and just the right amount of cool. The bad news it that this unpredictable weather has me regretting that I had already moved most of my summer items to the back of my closet (and that I already started wearing tights to teach because now I feel like I can't go back & I'm getting really sweaty sticking to my guns like this). The good news is that I've been coming up with weird hybrid outfits like this one, where I paired an adorable fall peter pan collared shirt that I picked up recently for teaching with these pastel floral jeans that I put in rotation last spring. I think I was feeling inspired by Erin's recent dark floral post on Zero Style, but since I don't own any dark florals myself, I went rogue and tried to reclaim pastel for fall. Did it work? I'm not sure, but I liked it—especially for a cute weekend look.

I'm also wearing these boots by a brand called Jellypop; for me, they were a slightly more affordable way of satiating a deep yearning that began the day that I first saw the Everly boot by Jeffrey Campbell. Originally, I also had my eye on the Repo boot by Steve Madden, but they seemed like they might be a little too heavy/too high for my little crip feet. I hope someone else scoops them up, though!

He loves me, really. His eyes are filled with fear because of a passing marching band with very loud & out of tune horns.

shirt: jcrew factory (get the look) / jeans: bdg high rise (get the look) / boots: jellypop smudge (get the look) / lips: e.l.f. party pink / heart earrings: estate sale / bag:


Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Business casual... for the humanities?

Melina and I have spent a lot of time thinking about dressing as femmes in the academy- so much, of course, that we decided to start this blog. We've considered ways to deal with teaching and interacting with one's home department, and have basically come to the conclusion that since we're in liberal humanities, it's ok to let our personal styles shine, whether it's with dramatic prints, a bold lip, or thick black eyeliner wings.

That said, there comes a time in every femme academic's life when one questions if these tactics for interacting people you see every day, like students or departmental colleagues, work just as well for conferences, talks, or other one-off events. A professor that hears your brilliant ideas weekly in seminar will respect you for your eloquent writing and professional demeanor, and not be distracted by clothes or makeup. On the other hand, during a short networking session with a visiting scholar or distinguished guest, the short sell about your project and interests is the most important thing to communicate, and is the thing that will help them remember you fondly later when you're getting in touch looking for sage wisdom or a favor.

These ideas were weighing heavily as I got ready for a formal event where I knew I'd be meeting a number of folks that will form an important community for me over these next few years. I decided to choose a look that would be representative of my personal style (eyelet, and a 1950s waist-centric sihlouette), but in a slightly more toned down way. This outfit feels totally natural to me, not like some sort of professional drag-- that's what makes it work.

Dress: J. Crew Factory (get the look) / Belt: from Marshall's a million years ago (get the look) / Flats: Ashley Bow Ballet Flats, Banana Republic / Earrings: J. Crew Factory (get the look) / Bag: Dooney & Bourke