Thursday, September 5, 2013

Road trip #3: Morning in the Garden

I'd wanted to visit Savannah ever since I read Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil in high school, so we planned it into our trip and I packed my best southern belle dress for the occasion. Admittedly, I expected Savannah to be spookier, but instead we just found a beautiful historic city with a million parks, excellent design shopping (I'd highly recommend 24e to anyone passing through-- excellent home shopping eye candy) that reflects the presence of SCAD (also, the SCAD shop that sells work by students/alumnae/faculty is excellent, especially in the way of jewelry). One of our first stops was the stunning Bonaventure Cemetery, where we ambled through rows of aging tombstones and weeping willows.

Flash forward a week and half, and we're currently zooming on the 40, due to hit the California border within the hour. I can't even be snarky-- I'm genuinely excited to see our new home, settle, and eagerly await the arrival of my wardrobe (and our furniture and like, pots and pans-- actually necessary things) in a few days. Seriously, we thought to pack a car full of cleaning supplies but it didn't occur to us to pack stuff to eat on for the first few days, so the current plan is to add individual gulps of  milk to eat mouthful of cereal. Or maybe we'll buy some bowls to prevent ourselves from turning into cave people. I'm making no promises, friends.

I hope to post more pictures from our journey in the coming days, but in the meantime I'll say that this is a surprisingly beautiful country, filled with good food (excluding the cold breakfast burrito I got at Denny's last night), lovely people (at least once you get south of the Mason-Dixon line), and lots of thrift stores that I would have liked to stop at (and some that I did). I'm feeling fairly patriotic. Thrifting does that to me.

Dress: Anthropologie (summer 2010)
Scarf: Gap Kids, rediscovered in my parents' house
Sandals: Target

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