Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Nerdy birds

Last weekend, I pulled this cute bird print dress from eShakti out of my closet & wore it for a day of preparing syllabi for the beginning of the semester—and to grab some delicious ramen with K. and one of my good friends from my program. Meg and I have both blogged about the Portlandia-inspired need for irony around bird prints lately, but I unabashedly love this dress, and pairing it with my glasses made me feel really nerdy-chic and ready for school to begin. Because of the color and the lining, this dress is one of those great ones that can bridge the end of summer and early fall. It looks great with my trusty pink Worishofers here, but I can also pair it with some cute brown ankle boots as we move into September, either with or without tights.

dress: birds on a wire dress by Eshakti
glasses: ray ban 5226
airplane necklace: estate sale
bag: spitalfield's market (london, summer 2013)
lips: e.l.f. mineral lipstick in rich raspberry
shoes: worishofer 811


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