Thursday, September 19, 2013

Mixing and matching

Good morning! Here are some photos taken hastily before fleeing the apartment yesterday to avoid an awkward encounter with/being poisoned by the exterminator. Things are really starting to come together in our apartment- the living room finally feels complete, and the bedroom is getting there as we slowly acquire furniture from the thrift stores and flea markets we've been visiting.

This outfit is a combination of some old favorites, like this heavy denim dress from (now defunct) Ralph Lauren Rugby, purchased with gift money a couple of days after my graduation from college. My red Worishofers are soon in line for a replacement, but still make me happy when I put them on. This Anthropologie cardigan was something that I've only worn with jeans in the past, but I was pleased to realize that it's the natural pairing for dresses nipped at the waist-- I didn't manage to get a shot from behind, but it hit at the perfect place to emphasize my waist.

One style hang up that I have a hard time getting over is a slavish need to match, and wearing this grey and green cardigan with red shoes felt sort of wild to me, even though it's pretty low grade clashing. Wearing a sort of hodge podge of things I like feels bizarrely liberating-- if the proportions work, color will follow.

Home is where you hang your gilt cow skull, right?
Dress: Ralph Lauren Rugby (get the denim look with this cute H&M dress) / Cardigan: Anthropologie / Shoes: Worishofer 562 / Necklace: Santa Fe souvenir shop / Ring: Ali's mom's high school class ring


  1. BUT WHERE CAN I GET THAT SKULL, MEG?! Check yo' priorities, girl.

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