Thursday, September 12, 2013

Meet Harper!

Not only did Ali and I move to a new city clear across the country for our PhDs, but with all of the change in our lives we decided we might as well add in another big one-- getting a puppy. Meet the newest member of the Femmepirical Evidence family: baby Harper. She is totally precious and a royal puppy terror and we're completely smitten with her. The shelter thinks that she's about two or three months old, so as you can imagine, we've gone down the puppy training rabbit hole and in combination with unpacking and moving into our apartment, it's been quite the handfull. Today I finally had the chance to get dressed in something besides yoga pants and old tee-shirts and take a walk around our new neighborhood with the pup.

I pulled this old skater dress from my closet because of its short hem- Harper is in the stage of her teething where she wants to chew on absolutely everything, which resulted in a series of tiny bite marks along the hem of a flowy jersey dress the other day. This dress, on the other hand, is short enough that she's less likely to nip at it, and was cheap enough that I won't be heartbroken if it succumbs to the ravages of puppyhood. We took her to the Melrose Trading Post on Sunday and had a fabulous time, and that's where I procured this flower crown, inspired by the one that Ali's sister Julie is wearing in this series of pictures from a summer wedding.

xo, Meg

Dress: Forever 21 (2009ish) - get the look here / Sandals: Gentle Soles (2012) - get the look here / Flower crown: Melrose Trading Post (2013) / Bangles: via Kestrel in Northampton, MA (a bit about the store can be found at this sweet queer blog I just found called The Homesteady) / Leash: Jonathan Adler / Collar: Hamilton via Petco


  1. Awww what a precious little bb!! Congrats!

  2. My sister's name is Julie, though July would be way cooler. Let's petition Juliana to change her name to July.