Friday, September 20, 2013

Femme-spiration Friday: Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis in Thelma & Louise (1991)

Callie Khouri and Ridley Scott's 1991 film Themla and Louise has long been heralded as a feminist classic. An adventure film that values female experiences and relationships between women, the narrative also exposes the many dangers of modern American rape culture by celebrating the rebellion of two badass heroines who officially refuse to put up with even one more second of macho, sexist bullshit. Plus that kiss between Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis (it was unscripted, by the way—but Susan knew what was up), occurring just before the two women drive directly off of cliff instead of being taken down by The Man, has made the movie an equally lionized entry in the ever-too-sparse queer and feminocentric film canon.

But chances are, especially if you read this blog, you already know all of this. The goal of this week's Friday Femme-spiration post is 1) to remind you how awesome this movie is and 2) to inspire you to try out one of these spectacular man-eating looks during the next few weekends of transition between summer and fall. So cancel your weekend plans, readers: find your nearest DVD rental place, curl up with your boo and some popcorn, and take notes, because you are about to get SCHOOLED on how to smash the patriarchy with five easy outfit basics. Oh, and big hair. You're going to need big hair. Get out that teasing comb, femmes, because remember:  if your hair is flat, the patriarchy wins.

As a frustrated housewife with a controlling husband and a strong waitress who doesn't take any shit, Thelma and Louise set off for a much needed girls weekend—but not before taking obligatory road trip selfies. With a giant Polaroid camera. Forget all this Instagram crap; Thelma and Louise do not fuck around. You can rock Louise's look by pairing some cat-eye tortoise sunglasses (like these by Vince Camuto on with your favorite vintage scarf wrapped effortlessly around your hair. Complete the look with a red lip and the uncompromising desire to send all rapists to their deserved end in the fiery depths of hell.

When the two friends end up on the run after Louise blows Thelma's would-be attacker away, the drastic change in their situation comes with a drastic change in wardrobe and attitude. It's in this new, revised state that they blow up a trucker's vehicle after he refuses to apologize for making obscene gestures at them. Though I never made the connection until recently, it's clear to me now that my favorite pair of Batman: the Animated Series villainesses echo this moment in one of my favorite scenes of the famed Harley & Ivy episode.

To achieve this look, thrift some light or acid-wash high rise jeans like these by BDG and pair with a plain tee shirt, tank or a cut-off muscle tee. You can complete the ensemble with your newest fall ankle boots, western boots, or you can update the look with some buckle-heavy boots like Scoundrel by Seychelles (I'm currently coveting these like crazy but lack the dollars).

OR, consider rocking this amazing Canadian tuxedo. Keep the silhouette flattering like Thelma does by tying your denim button down at the waist.

But however you choose to be sartorially inspired by Thelma & Louise, always remember to have your best friend's back. Because nothing compliments a pair of great fitting jeans like an unwavering commitment to the safety and well-being of fellow women. And also, you know, the unapologetic expression of love between female friends who choose the fleeting sensation of holding one another while soaring to their inevitable demise over submitting to the control of the men who threaten their freedom. Oh, and also, a gun. That too.

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  1. ok this may just be the best example of your legendary storytelling abilities on this blog to date. I can hear you narrating this and I LOVE IT

    1. haha, yesssss. so glad you like it! it's so hard to translate my storytelling to blogging. there are no hand gestures.