Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Saying goodbye

This weekend Ali and I went to Melina's city for our farewell tour- Melina and K. threw us a great going away party complete with a "bye." cake (don't even ask), and lots of our gorgeous friends joined us to hang out and wish us well. As excited as I am to get on the road & start moving towards our new west coast life, I'm pretty heartbroken that this will be my last shoot with Melina in the foreseeable future & that our friendship will have to resume mega-long distance status-- this will be challenging since our friendship bears startling resemblance to this SNL skit starring Taylor Swift.

Melina is wearing another gorgeous vintage frock procured from her hometown, ie the promised land. As for me, this crazy maxi dress came to me like magic. Ali and I were having breakfast at her aunt and uncle's house, and with no prompting from me, her aunt mentioned a basket full of deadstock from a great aunt's failed venture in selling luxury lingerie on the Italian coast. I tried to be polite and not act too excited about the prospect, but Ali, being the best femme companion ever, told her aunt that we needed to see this glorious collection. This maxi dress is actually a vintage nightgown, and I have to admit that I'm obsessed.

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Melina, I'm going to miss you so much, and am glad we were able to have one last shoot pattern mixing with one another! <3 <3

So sad to be parted.
dress: vintage (thrifted in NEPA, summer 2013)
belt: j.crew factory (summer 2013)
shoes: worishofer 811 
lips: e.l.f. studio lip stain in "fashionista"

dress: vintage nightgown
shoes: Swedish Hasbeens Ornament Clog
lips: Make Up For Ever 41
earrings: (barely shown, sorry!) Madewell


  1. no joke, that maxi dress is everything. i dream in this color palette lately, so i was thrilled to see it in action.

    never stop this blog. l.i.v.i.n.g.f.o.r.i.t