Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Reader Question: Shoes to pair with a new vintage find

Emily writes:  Hey Femmesters, I have a pressing question that requires your expertise. I have my very first (!) friend-wedding coming up in a few weeks, and therefore have all the attendant clothing questions to go with it.

I only seem to have good thrifting luck on the West Coast. Some of my best finds have been in the Bay Area and so it's fitting that on my recent trip to Oregon, I found a killer dress for this wedding -- and for many other events to come, I'm sure.
As a card-carrying member of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee, I feel like I can get away with a backless dress with no support. Bright green, boatneck, sweet little bow in back. Never mind someone's horrible basting job. What I need your help with, Femmes, is what the sweet heck to wear on my feet.

My day-to-day style favors comfort over class and this wedding is going to be on an island in New Hampshire, so I think I have some fashion leeway. And license to queer the look a little.
Barefoot in Bklyn
That's a seriously great dress, Emily! We love the color, cut, and the adorable bow detail on the back. Sometimes it's tricky to style a gorgeous vintage piece, especially for a wedding, but not to worry—we have some ideas for you. First, Meg and I both suggest going for lighter/brighter colors on this one. They will look great with that awesome bright green, and will keep the dress looking light, summery, and season appropriate. Meg loves the idea of pairing it with some simple sandals that will still be true to your day-to-day desire for comfort. I think you could also go with a simple pair of flats—maybe with some peep toes to keep things looking summery and light—in a bold color or with some cutout details to add visual interest since the dress is solid.  

reader question - shoes for a wedding

Seychelles flat shoes / Call it SPRING flat shoes / Naya strappy sandals / Madewell sandals
Have a great time at the wedding, Emily! We are confident that you will kill it in that dress, no matter what you choose for the evening's footwear. Thanks for writing in!

melina and meg


  1. Blue and green = fave ever combo for summer. I love both the flats and the wedge, though I'd head towards the flats for comfort, personally.

  2. this is what i've done, friends. i'll letcha know how it turns out: naya zenobia. i guess they make those helena ones you mentioned, but i think this is the best of both worlds!