Monday, July 29, 2013

Suiting up

Real talk: finding a bathing suit can be a far from pleasant experience. Fit, style & pricing can all present formidable obstacles on the quest to becoming the bathing beauty of your dreams. There are no easy solutions, but patience & willingness to deal with a lot of trial and error can result in unexpected victories. Remember, if something doesn't work for you, it's not your body's fault; move on, explore other options, and never let bathing-suit-shopping angst stop you from enjoying some waves & summer sun!

 Here are some of the suits I've rocked in recent years:

1. Beach Blanket Bingo Two Piece in Soft Black (Esther Williams via Modcloth)

This high-waisted two piece is definitely a favorite. The bottoms offer great coverage, and the top works for a variety of sizes; as a small-chested femme, I feel great in this, but it also looks fabulously pin-up-y on those with more to support. For me, the suit offers exactly what I need—coverage for fuller hips and thighs, and a top that won't leave me feeling flat.

2. Beach to Bikini Briefs & Top (Simply Be - similar)

For similar reasons, this striped two piece was a hit for me last summer. Purchased on a whim when I received a coupon code for, the high rise bottoms and matching top made me feel like a total beach babe. After years of only purchasing swimwear in solid black, it was exciting to start embracing prints in cuts that made me feel awesome about my body. Best of all, the pricing was substantially lower than I'd expected!

3. Navy One-Piece (J.Crew, summer 2010 - similar)

When opting for the fuller coverage of a one-piece suit, consider one with a plunging neck-line like this J.Crew number I snagged on sale several years ago. I didn't feel like wearing a bikini, but I liked the fact that this piece still allowed me to show some skin. A one-piece doesn't necessarily need to feel matronly! Since J.Crew is often pricy, I suggest stalking the site for sales, utilizing student discounts, or checking for similar styles (with more sizing options) by other retailers.

What are your favorite places to find swimwear, readers? Share your tips & tricks with us by commenting on this post!


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