Friday, July 5, 2013

Nail art for the lazy femme

While Melina's abroad for a conference, I've been here in America celebrating things I can do in America, like hang out with my main bitches, float around in the pool at Ali's parents' house, drink beergaritas, and most importantly indulge in some nail art with Fuchsia. I always have my nails painted, but my few forays into nail art have been quickly aborted due to my ineptitude and lack of proper supplies. Fuchsia showed up last night, though, with a sweet home-done manicure that actually looked possible, even for me. Today she helped me do it for myself!

I started with a couple of coats of Essie First Timer to fully cover the nail. That will be the color of the triangle at the cuticle. Next, I painted one stroke from each lower corner of the nail, and filled in the unpainted areas to totally cover the rest of the nail with Essie Tart Deco.

This task was not without its challenges. Fuchsia had some trouble initially because nail polish can be finicky in the humidity, and we were perched outside. Pro-tip: when this happens, the easiest and most effective solution is to refrigerate the polish for a while.

This essentially completes the process, and I love how they look, and how amazingly easy they are to do. However, we started thinking about how amazing some gold would look with these vintage Miami themed colors...

Using a tiny paintbrush, Ali outlined the triangles in Essie Good as Gold. This step probably requires a helper, but isn't necessary for achieving the look! I already had a chip in my polish, so she painted that gold as well. The last step is to cover it with Seche Vite.

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