Thursday, July 18, 2013

Ladies we love: Samara

Ali and I had a huge yard sale this past Sunday to downsize and make a few bucks for our move to California next month. Ever since I was a little kid I've loved yard sales-- some of my best family memories are having them at my aunts houses-- plus, as you can imagine, this femme loves nothing more than trolling sales on weekend mornings. In fact, nothing stikes fear in Ali's heart like the phrase, "you know what we should do this morning?" She intrinsically knows that it means carrying wobbly furniture and pawing through dusty stuff, and tries to change the subject before I get too attached to the idea. Ali is always interested in activities that involve having less stuff, though, so she was game for this sale.

No pictures were taken of me on yard sale day due to extreme sweatiness and the sad, makeup-free face of someone who woke up at five am. However, our beautiful friend Samara (who you met a couple of months ago in her fantastic femmespiration piece on Liza Minelli) came to hang out and shop the clothing racks. She was wearing a killer Steve Alan dress, and I couldn't help but show you guys how fabulous she is-- especially once she picked up this vintage badminton racket from a sale table & transformed into a 1940s lesbian sporting dreamboat. Thanks for being a willing subject & taking some clothes off my hands, Sam!


Birkenstocks complete every outfit, said every lesbian anywhere. Ordinarily I wouldn't agree, but Sam looked so cute and comfortable in her blue metallic pair!

This necklace was of the things in Sam's "to buy" pile by the end of the day, and was a great pairing with her dress!

Dress: Steven Alan via a boutique in Portland, Maine
Belt: Modcloth
Sandals: Birkenstock Mayari Sandals
Necklace: originally Meg's from Forever 21 (I think?) and obtained by Sam at the yard sale

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  1. Birkenstocks complete every outfit, said every lesbian anywhere. Ordinarily I wouldn't ...