Thursday, July 11, 2013


Hello femmes! I'm finally back from my conference travels. The trip was amazing; K. and I got to do all kinds of fun sightseeing & museum things. And, despite the fact that during my presentation a disgusting spider dangled from the ceiling in front of my eyes before landing and crawling across the pages I was reading from, I managed to maintain my composure and deliver a paper that met with an enthusiastic response. I couldn't be happier about the experience—thanks so much for all of your well wishes!

Today was largely devoted to nursing jet-lag with some vintage MTV (Laguna Beach and Parental Control marathons in the same day? Almost too good to be true). But since I have been feeling a little deflated about my appearance from all the traveling (a girl can only take so many days of oily skin and super flat hair without getting bummed), I also decided to devote some real time to getting dressed. This outfit, comprised of this Cynthia Rowley dress I managed to thrift for mere dollars a few months ago, is inspired both by Meg's post about playing with bright Miami colors with gold accents in her recent manicure and by the episode of the New Girl I watched on the flight yesterday, having exhausted all of the thriller options, as well as a documentary entitled "Alien Mummies" during the first five hours. Do you have Feelings on this show, readers? I thought I was going to be all like, ugh manic pixie dream girl whatever, but damn, Zooey has some great hair.

FYI: I achieved these no-heat curls by rolling some sponge curlers into freshly washed & blown out hair. I left them in for about a half hour, and I used some hair spray to finish. Easy!

Yep, that's a Dankso tan right there.

dress: thrifted (cynthia rowley, spring 2013)
belt: vintage (estate sale, summer 2013)
shoes:  lucky brand (spring 2012)
bracelet: beacon's closet (spring 2012)


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