Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Birthday adventures

K's birthday was on Sunday, and we had a full weekend of celebrating with friends. Each event required its own distinct wardrobe choices—and was accompanied by appropriate birthday treats. Friday was the drag show (and I baked funfetti cupcakes like a good femme), on Saturday we hit the beach for the day before indulging in some very delicious locally made ice cream, and on Sunday, before going out to a delicious dinner with friends, we made a pilgrimage to satisfy a very particular Twin Peaks-induced craving. Sidenote: I think Twin Peaks has officially been mentioned enough times on this blog to merit its own label. No apologies.

from late night sleaze to summer sun
In short, we needed doughnuts. As any devoted viewer of TP knows, you can really only go so long without being overcome with a pathological need to consume some of that doughy, sugary, heavenly goodness.

Exhibit A
Fortunately for us, supplies weren't hard to come by.

Because we were planning on taking our treats to a local park to hang out with the dragon pup, I wanted to wear something light and easy. But I also wanted to make sure I'd be dressed up enough for dinner later with our friends. I opted for this great pencil skirt that I snatched on sale at Loft a month or two ago. I love wearing it because A) it is an amazing cut and color with a fantastic textured print and B) I got it for 50% off sale price ($15!!!).

I also made a second attempt at no-heat curls, this time with self-grip rollers. They work really well on my hair when I roll it while it's still damp. These self-grips from Ricky's NYC are the ones I used, and they are both inexpensive and easy to apply. I was really happy with the result—it made the whole ensemble feel a little more celebratory!

Shot of the birthday boy looking dapper in the park.

shirt: gap (via Meg during our clothing swap!)
skirt: ann taylor loft (sale rack, may 2012)
necklace: covent garden vintage market (london, summer 2013)
shoes: worishofer 811
lips: e.l.f. mineral lipstick in party pink
nails: e.l.f. in fire coral

It was a great weekend of celebrating someone really special to me. Now, back to work. Till next time, friends!


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