Friday, June 21, 2013


Y'all, I'm happy to finally return to you after a phenomenal two weeks in Venice, only a little sunburnt and a little cranky from jet lag. As much as I miss traveling by boat, ample opportunities for gelato consumption, and the great and powerful spritz ritual, I'm thrilled to be reunited with Ali, my car, and my expansive wardrobe-- plus the ability to wear makeup without it melting off of my face the moment I walk outside into the heat.

Here are some shots from a lazy day running errands with Ali- our current project is reupholstering an antique couch, so we're been spending our days obsessing over textiles and patterns. For this day I did what I do best: steal Ali's clothes. 

On the plus side, Ali managed to snag some of mine for our day-- an even trade. Remember this thrifted floral shirt that I love but feel a lot of anxiety about styling (see here)? In our recent move it nearly made its way back into the yard sale pile, but in an inspired move Ali tried it on, and I insisted that she keep it.

As you can see, Ali isn't generally the most willing subject.

Recent nautical tattoo! 

You don't have to be super-femme to steal your best friend's shoes...

On Meg:
dress: stolen from Ali, some juniors brand from TJ Maxx
shoes: Swedish Hasbeen Ornament clogs via Madewell (available here)
earrings: cicadas from Erica Weiner (available here)
sunnies: AJ Morgan
tote: from the Museum of Everything at the Venice Biennale

On Ali:
shirt: thrifted by Meg
shorts: Paperboy cuffed twill shorts from Anthro (available here)
shoes: Clarks borrowed from Adina
belt: Madewell
bag: vintage Coach (affectionately called "taco purse")


  1. um thank you for linking those earrings because OBVIOUSLY i need them.

    1. yes, they're so great! super light-weight, really affordable, and cicadas!