Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Endless Bounty of Meg's Closet: A Retrospective

With Meg & Ali's Big Move West looming in the not-so-distant future, I knew it was possible that I'd end up the lucky recipient of a few beautiful cast-offs from Meg as she cleaned out her closet. However, I was especially thrilled when she came bearing this particular Banana Republic treasure when she came to visit last weekend. This adorable woodcut print dress and I have some history! Not only was this an iconic "Meg" dress back in the day (circa 2006-2007), but it was also one I tended to borrow frequently during simpler times—when we lived down the hall from one another in a palatial dorm & borrowing a coveted clothing item was just remuneration for brandishing a plastic baseball bat while accompanying Meg to the creepy basement to pick up her laundry at 3 AM.

I miss those days! I know I can't go back, but this dress is a pretty decent consolation prize. We're happy to be reunited, and I bestowed two cute dresses upon Meg before she left for Italy, so hopefully this post will have a companion piece when she returns.

Flashback: Here we are, bathed in the warm, fuzzy glow of a (relatively) carefree undergraduate existence. It is the fall of 2007. I am wearing that Banana Republic dress, Meg is wearing something else that is cute and floral, and we are both sporting T-Mobile Sidekicks. We were always on the cutting edge of fashion & technology, duh.

I paired the dress with my newest pair of platform pseudo-orthopedic sandals—these adorable Kork-Ease Anna shoes in "Nautical Blue Pearlized" that I snagged on the other day for a mere $37! Super soft, super comfortable—super cute. And they added a pretty decent pop of color to the dress.

dress: Banana Republic (via Meg!)
shoes: Kork Ease "Anna" (on super sale at!)
bag: old as the hills (25 central northampton)
lipcolor: Wet n' Wild Smokin Hot Pink



  1. Dear Meg,

    If it still exists, and is in the cleanout pile, I want THE JACKET.



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