Thursday, June 13, 2013


It's officially Pride season, and this marks Femmepirical Evidence's very first post on Pride fashion! Our local pride festival was last Saturday, and I was fortunate enough to have Ali by my side to consult about my Pride ensemble & fake eyelash application, mingle with members of K.'s drag group before they performed on the main stage, and indulge in various frosty treats—which, let's face it, is a major part of being prideful. Nothing says celebration to me like easily accessible soft serve. Especially when it's covered in rainbow sprinkles and leaning precariously to the left.

Olivia (drag name: Pussy Diet) agrees.
I was excited to don this new and very loud floral print dress for the festivities. When Ali arrived that morning, she immediately articulated why I like this dress so much: it manages to be both very 90s and very 60s at the same time. As you might remember from my femme-spiration post on Jamie Luner in "Confessions of a Sorority Girl," I have a really big thing for all of the Rebel Highway movies, which offer reinterpretations of older films through the brightly colored aesthetic lens of the 90s. Basically, once I added my fake eyelashes & an excess of winged eyeliner, all I needed was a giant bouffant french twist for this to be my dream outfit. But there was no time for hair teasing. Maybe next time, friends.

Ali looked totally hip & adorable in this casual outfit, which was the ideal ensemble for the day's activities—which consisted largely of consuming treats & dealing with my excessive stage-mom anxiety before K.'s group took the stage to perform a seriously unreal boy band mash-up (which you can watch here, by the way. trust me, it's worth it).

obligatory glamor shot with frosty treat
full of beautiful, majestic, & slightly bemused pride (note: this might be my favorite image in the history of images)

And—just 'cause it's our 5th Pride season together & we were both having pretty good hair days, here's a shot of me with the boy:


dress: thrifted (summer 2013)
necklace & bracelet: beacon's closet (2013)
shoes: sanita dawn (on sale!)
lipcolor: super saturated lip pencil by urban decay in "crush" (via ali via juliana!)


shirt & shorts: target
necklace: madewell
shoes: purchased recently in berlin (riccardo cartillone)
purse (affectionately dubbed the "taco purse"): coach (borrowed from meg)
lipcolor: nars semi matte lipcolor in "heat wave"


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