Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Happ(iest) hour

M: Hello, and welcome to Part II of Caroline's appearance on Femmepirical Evidence! After our adventure in daydrinking and tipsy rooftop photoshoots, Caroline kindly agreed to venture to my neighborhood to indulge in fancy cocktails and a slightly more earnest and intentional photoshoot for the blog. I don't know why we thought this pretense of seriousness & the presence of another person (K. & his fancy camera) would make us hold it together any better than we had on the previous day. Instead, we privileged drinks over primping, K.'s camera was out of batteries—and we ended up with the following, probably much more accurate portraits of our relationship.

C: Actually, the most accurate portrait is still probably the one from spring 2007, where we're both laughing so much we're crying (but not at our center-parted hair, which really should've been the reason for laughing that hard, let's be honest). But as an update, these will do just fine.

M: You might need to be a taaad more specific re: photos of us with center-parts, weeping with laughter in 2007. Do you mean this gem, which I like to call "Oops, we drank too much gin to finish watching Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and also I am wearing a hemp necklace?"

You know, I never did end up seeing Eternal Sunshine. 

C: I did, in fact, mean this photo, which is even more of a shitshow than I remembered it being! Only at Smith do gin and hemp necklaces go together. (And you really should see Eternal Sunshine, or else you won't understand my inevitable Femmespiration Friday ode to Clementine's orange sweatshirt.)

M: But anyway, let's plunge back into the present...

Sunglasses at 7 PM -- always the right answer. 
Just blurry and glam as you were in 2009, M.

Thanks, C. My signature Julia Roberts laugh will apparently never die.


This is an outfit that answers two burning questions I have about my wardrobe. The first is, "Does ANYTHING I own actually look good with this amazing vintage top I bought over a year and a half ago to wear with pencil skirts but that looks too frumpy with said pencil skirts?" The second is, "Do my Dansko Sam's actually go with everything?" The surprising respective answers are: denim cutoffs & a resounding yes.

shirt: Rosebud Vintage
cutoffs: thrifted levi's (cut by Meg!)
shoes: Dansko "Sam"
sunnies: Le Spec Runway
lipcolor: Wet n' Wild "Don't Blink Pink"


Look, I won't lie to you guys - I knew this photoshoot was coming, and so I went into a flurry panic before running to the subway. It also didn't help that whenever I fly back to New York, I throw everything within arms reach into a pile and it ends up looking less like I'm packing and more like I'm starting a bonfire.

That said, I always pack my basics: flats, black sweater, and this black skirt that basically goes with everything. I know I live in L.A. now and whatever, but black's still my go-to color of choice. Still, some bright colors like this turquoise are sneaking into my outfits more and more now (I actually got this shirt from an excellent LA clothing swap - for what it's worth, I highly recommend organizing one amongst your circle of friends).

Inspired by Meg's post on these magical music chair Keds! Though I'm sure hers aren't quite as smudged as mine...

cardigan: thrifted ($1)
shirt: clothing swapped!
skirt: Marks & Spencer (2011) - H&M has something similar!
shoes: Ked's (inspired by Meg's post!)
necklace: Forever 21 ($5!)
skull scarf: Le Pink & Co. (Silver Lake, CA)
lipcolor: Wet n' Wild Natural Lip Shimmer
eyeliner: L'Oreal Infallible Gel Lacquer in Blackest Black

Why we're not together all the time always remains unclear.

m & c

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