Monday, June 10, 2013

From white to bright

Greetings from Venice! I've spent several weeks traveling and away from my gracious photographer (and the author of this recent femme(companion)spiration post), Ali, so I have no new visuals to share, but imagine my pleasure when I found that Melina had already imported these photos into a new post, ready for commentary-- the only thing I can provide from my current location.


These photos, nearly a month old, are a continuation to our Ivy Day post. After the main event on Ivy Day, we all decided to change, since being in an area full of people clad only in white can get old after a couple of hours. We both opted for bold colors and patterns to compensate-- victorious super-discounted finds from Anthropologie, in fact. Even Fuchsia, our talented photographer, pictured further down, rocked a vibrant color-blocked look that included a skirt I bought while we were roommates and later decided to contribute to her closet. Especially in Italy, where a range of blacks and grays seem to be the color palette of choice among young women, these colors are a sight for sore eyes!


Dress: Anthro sale (2012)
Shoes: Gentle Souls Day Break (2012)
Bra: Wacoal, purchased from the amazing ladies at Gazebo
Earrings: Anthro (Christmas gift from the HBIC xo)

Dress: Anthro sale
Necklace: From the now defunct shop, Artizen- gifted to Meg several years ago but borrowed
Shoes: Dansko Sam (Meg note: I need these shoes! They always look amazing with Mel's outfits and are apparently the most comfortable. Sign me up.)
Lipcolor: Don't Blink Pink from Wet n' Wild

Shirt: Aerie
Skirt: hand-me-down from Meg
Shoes: Dolce Vita from Marshall's 

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  1. what this post fails to mention, though we now know where we can buy it, is the magical wonder that was your bra on view for all to see in the best way possible whilst rocking an aviary as a dress. just sayin'.