Monday, June 17, 2013

Floral and fro-yo

The conjunction in the above title is important because, to my knowledge, a device capable of generating floral print frozen yogurt has not yet been developed. Although I think I can safely say that Meg and I would fully endorse its production since we tend to understand floral as an adjective that substantially improves any noun it modifies.

As my minute attention to the particulars of grammar might suggest, I am currently in panic mode as I attempt to produce a draft of a conference paper I am delivering abroad in two weeks. It's my first trip of this kind, and my understanding of this trip as a Big Deal is proving more than a little formidable to my writing and editing process, especially as a try to excise a small part of a bigger project. Isn't every word important? And every paragraph? So, join me as I reflect on happier times of blissful procrastination—like when I wore this light summer floral dress with a ruffle detail to get some frozen yogurt with K. this weekend!

Also, look! K. let me take a photo of his threads, too. Obviously I'm visibly stressed to the point where he is giving in to my every whim.

Dress: gap (summer 2012)
Belt: j.crew factory (long ago!)
Shoes: bass joanne
Bag: thrifted


shorts: gap (summer 2012)
striped t-shirt: j.crew factory (similar)


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  1. Your dress is so cute! It matches your fro yo :)