Thursday, June 20, 2013


Meg and I snuck in a quick photoshoot in my city a few weeks back—just before her departure to Italy. Without any particular intention, we managed to not only color coordinate our ensembles, but also to offer her a rather patriotic send-off! [Meg's note: Melina started this post, but I have a few notes to include!]



Coaxing the most stubborn alligator dog.


[Meg's note: Melina's outfit is a success not only because it looks amazing and has phenomenal proportions, but because she purchased both pieces within 10 minutes of a Salvation Army in her hometown closing. Like Supermarket Sweep, y'all. She's a champ!]

Just in case you haven't already seen my Sam's a million times.
 For once, I actually successfully persuaded K. to join me for a few shots!

Before I sign off, I'd just like to leave you with this image, in which I can only imagine Meg to be considering the depths of sadness she would soon experience in leaving us all behind for her whirlwind trip to Venice...! That's it, right? [Meg's note: that's exaaaaaaactly it. Actually, I think there was a big bug.]

dress: Bar III from Macy's (still available and now on sale!)
belt: from Cathy Cross, purchased during sidewalk sale (2010)
shoes: Worishofer 562

top and shorts: thrifted (the crop top is old school j.crew!)
heart stud earrings: vintage (estate sale)
shoes: the inimitable Dansko Sams

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