Thursday, May 30, 2013

Unintentional Peg Bundy Tribute

It always feels like a kind of special holiday when I get to see Thomas, my amazing hair guy/BFF (you might remember him from this post or this one). Especially when it's time to finally ditch my faded roots for vibrant new color. Don't get me wrong—I love having a lighter coppery shade. But if I've learned one thing from my 10 odd years of being a fake redhead, it's that starting darker makes all the difference. As I explained to Thomas the first time I saw him, when you start coppery, it often gets really oxidized and dull quickly. Sidenote: he was pretty impressed by all of the technical hair jargon I'd picked up from re-runs of Bravo's Tabatha Takes Over. I'm fly like that.

Luckily for me, he knew exactly what to mix up for me to have this rich red that fades beautifully over many months, which means I can relax a little in terms of upkeep. Basically, it's the formula perfect for the lazy and broke but dedicated artificial redhead academic in your life. It probably has a more technical name with like numbers and stuff, but Tabatha never taught me that one.

It's pretty, right? But like I said, it's not like my hair was in terrible shape before either. Here's what it looked like before my appointment (last color had been in January):

Hanging out with Thomas and chatting about all things pop culture is always a delight, but this time, my big reveal came with an unexpected reaction. As he took away the salon cape thing, he burst out laughing at the pairing of my leopard print with my new big red curls.


I'm not sure if he thought my reaction would be anything other than intoxicated with joy, but if he did, he was dead wrong. I definitely need a few more inches of height, but it's safe to day this is the closest I've come to representing this particular icon of femme excess. But now it's clear that I should begin each day with the following affirmation: "How can I channel Peg today?"

Hey Thomas!

Right: the outfit. This is pretty basic look that I threw in my bag for a chilly Memorial day weekend at my mom's. But despite the fact that it's basically just a long sleeve T & some jeans, I felt great. My new shoes are definitely the best part—these adorable  Sanita "Dawn" sandals add a splash of color while also being super comfortable. Sorry guys, I think there are a lot of platform/clog posts in your future. My feet have never been so happy!

I'm also pretty into this bright pink lip with the red shoes. Playing with combos of pink/red/purple has been a goal of mine lately, even if I think I'm a little behind on that trend.


PS: it was really windy for this photo shoot. So just for fun, I will leave you with this. Because,

Shirt: thrifted (spring 2013)
Jacket: Gap Factory (similar)
Jeans: BDG high rise cigarette
Shoes: Sanita "Dawn" (summer 2013)
Polish: Tillie Polish in "Pool Boy"
Lipcolor: Wet n' Wild "Don't Blink Pink"


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