Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The best cat call

I return, darling friends, only a little worse for for wear after a grueling finals period followed immediately by having to immediately pack up our entire apartment.  In the moments between finishing finals and the sea of California-bound boxes, I made Ali and Adina take me out for celebratory margaritas and a trio of fried diner foods.  Emerging from my catatonic state, I had no intentions of taking pictures (see rats nest top knot & pinned back bangs), but then something awesome happened.

Walking around the city after our fried-fest, I received the best cat call ever which, in fact, wasn't a cat call at all.  A woman in her car rolled down her windows and yelled at me "I love your skirt!" Nothing about my tits, nothing about my ass, no vagrant muttering under his breath about me, just a woman that went out of her way to tell me that she liked a choice I made, in a really satisfying reclamation of the cat call.  I kind of love the idea of turning a typically denigrating action and morphing it into something affirmative and respectful-- and commenting on something I selected, rather than my body.

All the better that the compliment was for this awesome silk Anthropologie skirt, a sale rack steal from several years ago.  I don't often wear it because the elastic waist need to be discreetly hidden, but to my mind there's no improving on this huge poppy print.

I'm also wearing a recent wardrobe splurge, these Swedish Hasbeen clog sandals purchased (with the student discount!) from Madewell.  I've been wanting a pair forever, and have long considered getting a pair with higher heels, but realized that these would be much more useful for summer travel.  I have no regrets, though a word of wanting to potential buyers: the leather is high-quality but stiff at first.  A week of wear (and some vaseline rubbed into the leather) has made them comfortable for me, though!

Top: Anthropologie
Skirt: Anthropologie
Cardigan: Loft, stolen from my mom
Belt: Steve Madden, super old
Shoes: Swedish Hasbeen

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