Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Rooftop reunion paradise

Does this relatively conservative blue cotton dress say, "I'm going to drink tequila, white wine, and beer, all before 8 pm--and then arrive tipsy and sweaty and my boyfriend's drag rehearsal just in time to catch a few moves from their new Magic Mike number?"

Maybe not. But my BFF Caroline (you might remember her from her Blair Waldorf femme-spiration post) was in town from the west coast last week, and so my Tuesday afternoon was ripe with possibilities. We spent some much-needed time catching up over delicious drinks outdoors, and then, before I knew it, we were having a beer on this beautiful roof. Talk about a sweet reunion! Thanks so much for taking some time away from watching DVR-ed episodes of Bar Rescue with your parents to kick it with me, C. 

I thrifted this dress for like $3 a while back, imagining that it would come in handy for the last sweaty weeks of teaching. But since it was still frigid on my last day of class (I wore tights!), it remained sadly neglected in my closet until this particularly warm afternoon. I'd never heard of the name on the label (She Bible), but some googling just revealed that it was made in San Francisco—part of a female owned label now called Curator. Simple, light, & easy, I think its a pretty good addition to my closet. Some bearded guy seemed to agree, calling out "hey, that's a nice dress!" on my way to the train. Thanks, man!

As much as I like this practical piece, though, Caroline's outfit was the the true star of this afternoon encounter. I am a huge fan of her personal style, especially her consistent ability to mix soft/hard elements together seamlessly. This might be my new favorite ensemble of hers—from the cat buttons (yes, the buttons are tiny cat faces! really!) to the black flats featuring over-sized, studded bows, this look is everything I want it to be and more.

Meet Caroline & her glorious flowing tresses!

Caroline finished off her look with this great denim jacket she recently thrifted. However, as she graciously reveals in the following photos, it has one slight flaw that causes her to leave the cuffs permanently rolled. Check out these spectacular bell sleeves, guys.

Okay, I know these bell sleeves are supposed to be hilarious, but Caroline's so hot that she can almost pull this off.

Still...better keep them rolled, girl. Just in case.

Stay tuned for another post featuring Caroline and her rad wardrobe soon!

dress: SheBible (thrifted, spring 2013)
shoes: Gentle Souls "Up & Away" 
lipcolor: Nyx soft matte lip cream in "Addis Ababa"

shirt: Forever 21 (summer 2013)
pants: J.Crew matchstick (on sale! spring 2013)
shoes: Aldo (fall 2012)
jean jacket: thrifted via Crossroads/some country music star's reject pile, probably
eyeliner: L'Oreal infallible gel lacquer in "blackest black" 
lipcolor: Wet n' Wild natural blend lip shimmer  



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  1. You forgot to mention that you did a MEAN David Bowie impression while wearing that dress.