Tuesday, May 7, 2013

New heights

Dear readers, I am taking a break from my personal end-of-semester hell to tell you about my new shoes & the things I ate on Saturday. In the past twenty-four hours, I have learned that there is possibly no worse experience than pulling an (almost) all-nighter to comment on & grade almost thirty 10 pg rough drafts of freshmen composition research papers, most of which read like postmodern experiments with narrative form.

At least I was able to keep my strength up, powered by the sweet memories of this weekend's culinary adventures. On Saturday, K. & I spent a day with my mom, indulging in the finest of my hometown's guilty pleasures: texas wieners & italian ice. The former conquest was actually initiated by my mother, who is typically a health food fiend who considers consuming wheat to be akin to committing infanticide. But when I saw her bite into that hot dog loaded with chili and "special sauce," it was clear to me that she and texas wieners had been involved in a long, torrid, secret affair. And now I think I've begun my own questionable commitment to meat products of even more questionable origin. Thanks, stress!

I also have a new shoe treat to keep my spirits up. Confession time: I have some serious foot/leg/limb problems that cause chronic pain as well as general mobility and balance issues. Finding shoes that don't hurt but also make me feel cute has been one of my major challenges in navigating femme identity (expect a full post on this soon). Anything with a heel or platform is usually out, and although I knew Danskos are supposed to be synonymous with comfort, I thought the Dansko Sam (the cutest Danskos I've seen besides the Sissy/Sandi) would be no exception.


I was wrong. These puppies are the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned—and the tallest. I've been walking around everywhere in them over the past few days, ringing in at a cool 6'1". And let me tell you, after a lifetime of feeling confined to the flattest of flats, it feels glorious to own this new (comfortable) height as a fierce, amazonian femme!

I paired my new conquests with my standard skinny jeans & this newly thrifted blouse (complete with an adorable back cut-out) for an easy weekend look.

Shirt: thrifted (Beacon's Closet)
Jeans: bdg high rise cigarette
Shoes: dansko "sam"
Lipcolor: NARS "heatwave"


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  1. There's always a right time for a big juicy wiener!