Monday, May 6, 2013

Meg Wears Some More Things: Another Guest Post by Ali

Hi again! If you're wondering where Meg is, and why she has once more decided to let her sullen commie girlfriend write a post about fashion, allow me to describe for you the following vignette: Just about an hour ago, Meg went into our kitchen, opened our freezer door, realized that we didn't have any ice cream and silently, hopelessly lay down on the floor, where she lay motionless in despair for at least 5 minutes.

This is my real life. That sad, immobile lump is my real girlfriend, who really just looked at her art history master's thesis and asked herself, "does this even need images?"That sucker is due tomorrow, which makes now the winter of our discontent -- and let me tell you, it is a frosty fucking nightmare up in this basement apartment.

A frosty nightmare with no frosty treats.

That said, Meg is actually a champ, and despite her catatonic state has produced some really good work this semester. I know because I just checked a bunch of it for typos while she flopped catatonically on the couch, Khal Drogo-style, waiting for the soft and merciful hand of death to take her away from this horrible place. Shit's good.

Anyway, while I wait patiently for the life to return to Finals Robot Meg, here are some photos of her wearing some clothes. As you may remember from this post, you can't expect much of me in the fashion blogging arena, so be forewarned.

This is Meg's outfit. It's a shirt, a skirt, a belt, a necklace and a pair of the kind of shoes that are apparently called "flats" and not "shitty uncomfortable wastes of my time." 

Pictured above: Shitty uncomfortable wastes of my time

The stone on this necklace is a Peruvian opal, FYI. 

This is a belt, which is an accessory I endorse on the principle that it could be used as a tourniquet in the event of an injury in a remote location.

This shirt actually meets all of my qualifications for a good shirt: It is loose-fitting, luxuriously soft, has no confining qualities or startling printed patterns, and looks sexy as fuck on Meg. 

If you're also an academic femme, and are seething about how cute Meg looks while she labors away on her thesis, don't worry -- this isn't today's outfit, it's from a while ago. Today's outfit involved a green t-shirt, a pair of floral cotton bloomer shorts, a limp, weary topknot and the tears of unfathomable exhaustion.

Shirt: Madewell
Skirt: J. Crew
Necklace: Pinch
Shoes: Banana Republic
Belt: Stolen from Meg's mom

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  1. I love when Ali posts on Meg's behalf because not only is it a real show of boo solidarity, but it also means I get to read it aloud to MY boo because he so appreciates sentiments such as, "shitty uncomfortable wastes of my time." Thanks for the fun!

    Also, Meg looks gorgeous in that semi-backless top! I'm sending so much good energy your way to just get this shit done, Meg. I finished my dissertation at the end of last year, so I know what it is to be so *in it*. It blows, for sure, but you've so got this, femme!