Thursday, May 23, 2013

Ivy Day

Melina and I spent this weekend reuniting with friends at our alma mater, an east coast women's college steeped in tradition-- one of which is the parade of alums that welcome the senior class into their ranks. During this ceremony, alums and grads alike wear white, and we took this opportunity to photograph our stylish friends to show them off & share the variety in our white ensembles.  White clothing can be a source of frustration-- it seems like no one thinks they look good in white.  I think that this mandatory use of white proves not only that our friends are fly ladies with diverse personal styles that can rock it.


dress: bobeau via t.j. maxx (spring 2013)
belt: target (2012)
shoes: loeffler randall for target (thrifted 2011)
sunnies: a.j. morgan
earrings: anthropologie


dress:  jcp 
sunglasses: modcloth
shoes: dansko sam 
lipcolor: wet & wild don't blink pink

dress: asos, spring 2012 
cat shoes: modcloth, essentially charlotte olympia knock-offs
sunglasses: dior, winter 2011
scarf: college alumnae association, 2008


top: turners salvation army
belt: turners salvation army
shorts: your mom in the late 80s via the west springfield savers
shoes: a marshalls shoe-specific store by my parents' house last may


dress: j crew, spring '08
scarf: college alumnae association, aka prized possession
denim jacket: gap, spring '13
earrings: margot wolf, austin jewelry designer 
shoes: steve madden, spring '13
sunglasses: oliver peoples, summer '12
lip color: nars lip gloss in wonder

Emily:shirt: philosophy via loehmann's, crazy on sale
pants: j crew, borrowed from a coworker
shoes: sparkly toms, borrowed from meghans
carf: college alumnae association, 2008
earrings: gift from her cousin


Free People

leggings: American Apparel 
shoes: Marc Jacobs 

meg & melina

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