Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Basic Human Needs

Fuchsia and I took advantage of the gorgeous weather at the beginning of our recent reunion weekend to snap some summery pictures and in Fuchsia's case, eat the shit out of a burrito.  I had just gotten a haircut that I love, and the wonderful Emma of Firefly Salon styled it for me in a way that I generally don't have the patience to do myself.  Looking back at these pictures, I'm tempted to go out to get a huge barreled curling iron like the one she used to create these soft curls.  I'm also tempted to never spend time on my hair (see the topknot I'm currently rocking), so we'll see if that becomes a reality.

I've had amazing luck over the past couple of years at the Donnaland Vintage Variety tent at the Brimfield fair, including this amazing bright vintage number.  

Fuchsia consented to participating in my photoshoot only as long as she could eat her cold burrito, and why was I to argue with this basic human need?  Thus, I submit this series of Fuchsia looking hot and eating a burrito in a way that might resemble feminist art of the 1970s more than a fashion blog shoot.

Highlights of her outfit include these brown high-waisted cut-offs, and a new yellow bra from Journelle.  I love these pictures because they're basically a body-positive hilarious parody of Women Eating Salad Alone and Laughing.

Concern for the burrito.


xo, meg

Dress: Donnaland tent at Brimfield Fair (2011)
Shoes: J.Crew (super old)
Belt: Target (Ali's)
Watch: Movado Museum watch (vintage, but similar here)

Top: Madewell (same as here)
Shorts: West Springfield Savers, apparently the high-waisted denim mecca of Western Mass
Belt: scarf from the Turner's Falls Goodwill
Shoes: Marshall's Shoe-Shop
Bra: Huit Arpege Half-Cup Bra from Journelle 


  1. The dress is so, so good, which I did not get to tell you in person. I am also very curious about your secret hair volume source.

    1. Okay, I have now read the secret volume source, but I still think I would need a weave.