Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Things Meg (thinks she) Needs: Keds

You may know by now that I'm not a very casual lady. The result of that is that I haven't owned a version of non-gym only sneakers in memory, but I think that's all about to change.  When Ali and I went to the mall last week (a very infrequent occurrence), I was overwhelmed by the amazing Keds on the market right now-- especially the collections for Madewell and Kate Spade.  Further internet research yielded this group of floral, dotted, neon, and otherwise femmes-up versions of these childhood favorites.  Just try to stop me.  Just see what I do!

keds for summer!

Kate Spade lace flat shoes / Lace up shoes / Keds floral sneaker / Keds floral print shoes / Madewell vintage sneaker / Keds neon sneaker, $61 / Kate Spade canvas flat shoes

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