Monday, April 8, 2013

Sunday funday

Dear readers, this is a little something called procrasti-blogging.  I'm not proud, and yet I'm here.  The fact is, though I have a presently undeveloped presentation to give tomorrow afternoon, I'd prefer to relive the day Ali and I had yesterday, which involved a trip to the good mall where Ali gave me the femme gift that keeps on giving, a new shade of MAC for spring (seen below).  We also hit up some of my favorites, Anthropologie and Madewell, to construct an outfit for Ali to wear to a wedding this summer (more on that in another post!).  After that, we headed to a major art museum that I've lived 45 minutes away from forever but have never managed to visit where we saw some pretty major works that I didn't expect to see (you'd think I'd do my research, but no), took glamour shots in front of the Sol LeWitt, and crept on a beautiful concert happening in the atrium.

For both of us, this was a very welcome change from the daily grind of work and school, and foreshadowed what's to come: a summer of tromping around and enjoying the best New England has to offer before forging west.

Clothing-wise, I feel like I internalized Melina's recent post experimenting with pairing a pullover with a printed dress in a different color scheme- but this is the slouchy, weekend version.  Ali must be reading the blog too, because she was the one to suggest the royal blue to go with this dotted shift, which, by the way, is a cast-off from Melina's closet that I've worn about a million times since she gave it to me (on account of it being too short for her!) almost four years ago.  Thanks Mel!  I really love this one.


sweater: Target (Ali's)
dress: H&M (stolen from Melina)
boots: Jeffrey Campbell for Shoe Market (2009)
purse: J. Crew
sunnies: A.J. Morgan

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