Monday, April 29, 2013

SOS from Meg's finals haze

Femme friends, if you're reading this then it means it's Monday morning, and if you're anything like me, you're reaching for your second (or third) cup of coffee.  I'm currently in the height of finals misery, which Ali alluded to in her hilarious guest post, so this update is pre-recorded and will conclude shortly, as Tylenol-pm delivers me into a deep sleep that will hopefully help me forget my terrible cold & the number of pages I have left to go.  I'm... fine.

But not as fine as I was recently when I wore these Madewell floral pants on a gorgeous sunny day.  This is only the second time I've managed to wear them since purchasing them for something insane like $17 in January (sale + clearance + student discount = Madewell magic!).

Ali bought me these glittery Target loafers around the holidays (I think this involved some sidelong glances and eyelash batting on my part), but they're absolutely perfect for spring's in between weather, and I think they're a great complement not only to my floral pants, but also the dumpsters and parking lot which could use some more sparkle.

Good luck to all of you academic femmes struggling through the final weeks of the semester-- summer will be here soon (but not nearly soon enough!).


Pants: Madewell
Loafers: Target
Top: Gap (thieved from Ali)
Purse: J. Crew

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