Thursday, April 11, 2013

Short & sweet

Historically, I haven't worn a lot of shorts.  On one hand, I don't think they're my most flattering look, but more importantly, they're simply not as comfortable as dresses to me-- either physically or mentally. I'll make an exception for the occasionally pair of cut-offs, and I did buy a pair of red short-shorts last summer that are pretty satisfying... but no pair of shorts have ever been so perfect for me as these black lacey Free People bloomer thingies.

They're fancy enough to wear to class, and at first glance almost read as a skirt.  They're lacy.  They feel like pajamas. Sold.

Valhalla Brooklyn bag that I bought my first year of grad school & have loved ever since.

Top: J. Crew (fall 2012)
Shorts: Free People (early 2012, I think?)
Bag: Valhalla Brooklyn (2009) - check out her new bags, which are incredible!

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