Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Femmes: join me in celebrating the resurrection of what might be my favorite dress. For two and a half months, this treasure from Anthropologie resided in a tightly knotted plastic bag in the back of my closet—the unwitting victim of spending a truly memorable evening with Meg and Ali, trapped in a Day's Inn smoking room. Just to be clear, this kind of intense exposure to stale, tangible cigarette smoke (saturating bed linens delightfully adorned with multiple burn holes) is not how I would typically advise caring for your favorite clothing items. But sometimes, when you are just trying to drive to your best friend's birthday party in her faithful Honda Civic named Rhonda, you end up stranded in the middle of a blizzard of epic proportions, consoling her as she blows out candles on Fuchsia's crepe cake via FaceTime and eating bits of the gorgeous birthday cake Ali made by gouging into it with plastic cups. Femmes are resourceful; we made the best of it!

Welcome back, old friend!
Selfie from that ill-fated night in late December! I'm also celebrating my recent recovery of this dotted dress.

After finally, FINALLY, dropping off that evening's casualties at the cleaner's, I'm so happy to have this garment back in my life. And it's not a moment too soon! The coolness of the weather this weekend made this the perfect outfit, but (hopefully) the coming weeks will soon cause me to retire it again for the season.

Being reunited with this dress also reminds me that my partner has some pretty damn good taste. He picked this out as a gift for me on my 25th birthday, and I immediately fell in love (with the dress—loving him began long, long ago & did not hinge on his excellent gift-giving abilities!). The form-fitting nature of the dress reminded him of our favorite Mad Men seductress Joan Holloway, and with her as my inspiration, I found the confidence to rock a sleeker silhouette than I usually choose. K. had the foresight to purchase the dress in two sizes in order to ensure that I could choose the best possible fit, and it felt like an important moment when I chose to go with the one that fit much more snugly on my curves. But when it came down to it, I had to ask myself, as any self-respecting femme must, at least once in her life, WWJD—what would Joan do? The answer was clear, and I've never regretted my decision.

Dress: Anthropologie
Denim jacket: Gap Factory (similar)
Necklace: Queens Metal
Bag: thrifted (winter 2012)
Boots: thrifted (Fashionista Vintage & Variety)


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