Friday, April 5, 2013

Fancy Friday

Sometimes, femmes, when shit gets rough, you have to get capital Fancy. Or maybe this is lower case fancy, since I'm wearing jeans. I'm not really sure. Either way, I'm still buried under a pile of grading, endless e-mails from students, two writing deadlines, and the gut-wrenching intimidation of that blinking cursor in a Word document labeled "Orals." So today felt like a good time to break out this silk blouse & vintage faux fur coat.

The outfit definitely elevated my mood, but it also captured some unwanted attention on my way to the train. The loud comments about the size and shape of a particular body part of mine served as an unpleasant reminder that increasingly warm weather also holds the promise of an increasing amount of street harassment. Of course, this is by no means an issue limited to urban settings or just to femmes. But at times it can be really frustrating that wearing bright red lipstick at 11 AM—one way I feel that I express my femme identity—seems to serve as an invitation for sexual harassment. Today, the shouter followed me in his car all the way down my street. Come on, man. Can't you understand that you're ruining the joy of fancy Friday? I've never been very good at knowing how to respond to these situations. What do you do, femmes?

Coat: thrifted with my mom (winter 2013)
Silk shirt: thrifted with Meg (summer 2012)
Jeans: Gap legging jean (similar)
Flats: Anthropologie 
Lipstick: NARS "heatwave"


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