Saturday, April 13, 2013

Fall flashback

After a few days of blissfully warm weather that had me thinking I could pack away my tights for good, we were ambushed by a cold front at the end of this week—complete with a bout of positively freezing rain that had me feverish & languishing like a Victorian heroine. Needless to say, it's been a crazy week for clothing. On Tuesday, I was wearing a summer dress with bare legs, but this weekend, the chilly air has me retreating back into cozier items. That brief, tantalizing taste of 70 degree weather had me dreaming of the semester's end, afternoon cocktails, summer roadtrips, and thrifting excursions with friends. So now it feels pretty wrong to be back in darker, fall and winter colors in April.  But I guess it's better than bitterly shivering to myself in some neon cutoffs (I've been dreaming of those, too). Really, though, it's time for the sun to come back now!

This is a teaching outfit that I also think is cute enough for the weekend. Just add red lipstick. Nothing here really matches in the slightest, but I like these pieces together anyway. And this outfit has given me new appreciation for this cardigan, which has been buried in the back of my bureau for at least two years. I'm not sure what egregious trespass it committed in order to be banished thither (I have a bad habit of suddenly turning on clothing items and then stowing them away in little balls of shame), but I've decided all is forgiven.

Cardigan: J.Crew Factory (fall 2012)
Dotted blouse: Gap Factory (winter 2012)
Skirt: thrifted (spring 2013)
Bag: thrifted (summer 2012)
Flats: Blowfish
Earrings: Kenneth Cole (gift from K.!)
Necklace: gift from Elizabeth
Lipcolor: NARS heat wave


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