Monday, March 11, 2013

Spring, springing.

Guys, can we talk about how great spring is, and how much better outdoors pictures look than indoors ones?  These were the perfect confluence of good weather & Ali and I both having the day free.

This hat is one of my favorite objects.  It's from the Brooklyn-based shop Catbird, which sells beautiful jewelry and gifts.  It was a bit pricy, but it's a well-made cashmere hat that flops perfectly to accommodate curly hair.  I'm also wearing some stealthy leopard print under my jacket, see?

Owing to this glorious free day, we decided to go our local art museum.  This turned out to be a big mistake; we hoped to catch the last hour and a half that the museum was open, but a pre-St. Patrick's Day parade made navigating the city impossible.  So, after observing some drunk people wandering around in green tank tops (it's warm, but not that warm), we called it a wash and went to Target. Fair enough.

dress: Anthropologie (summer 2011)
cardigan: J. Crew Factory (fall 2012)
jacket: Urban Outfitters (fall 2012)
sunnies: AJ Morgan in feline
boots: Steve Madden (summer 2012)
hat: Catbird

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