Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sequins for everyday

Ali and I snapped a few photos in the kitchen the other day because I thought this sequin-collar shirt from Madewell was too good not to show you-- even if it meant glamor shots of the food scale and pots and pans.

I wore this to visit one of my old professors- someone whose scholarship, teaching, and fashion sense has been integral to my desire to pursue academia and maintain my personal style in the process. I wanted to wear sometime that I knew would be very me, without being super dressed up during my otherwise casual spring break.

This lighting makes me look a little like a ghost-- sorry-- but also makes the ombre dye job I attempted with Melina and Fuchsia in January way more visible than it is in real life!  I'm also really pleased with the decision to put this necklace on under the peter pan collar of the shirt-- I always want to pull off the buttoned-up with necklace look, but always fear that it makes me look matronly because of my, uh, sizable chest.  This is a similar idea, without making me look like a stout version of Miss Clavel.  By the way, I never understood why she didn't go by "Sister Clavel." #life'sgreatmysteries

Top: Madewell (winter 2013, borrowed from Ali)
Jeans: J. Brand (winter 2012)
Cardigan: Banana Republic (old as the hills)
Boots: Frye (via ebay, 2010)
Necklace: locket via Anthropologie, chain is old


  1. how did you not re-post those ali gifs featuring this marvelous shirt in this post? you look adorable anyway :)