Sunday, March 10, 2013

Real Talk: Tacos-Milkshakes

This semester has been one of those semesters where nothing ever ceases to be in motion. Yesterday, for the first time in memory, I spent the majority of the day in my pajamas, and did very little that could be considered academic. Blissfully, my two week spring break has begun, and Ali and I have made a decision about where we'll be next year. There are still a million things to figure out, and I need to find a way to avoid sinking into "senioritis" (what's the grad school equivalent?) at my current institution, but right now I can relax.

These pictures are from last night when we finally decided to throw on some clothes and go out for tacos, to the grocery store, and then for milk shakes (see how I slipped grocery shopping in there? Date nights are really special around here).  The somewhat unconventional taco-milkshake combo was something I dreamed up as some of my ideal foods for the last night before going on a... diet.  

I know.  I know.  You're thinking, "but Meg, you're a perfect princess, why would you want to change a single thing about yourself?" Alternately, you could conceivably want to chastise me for claiming to be a feminist and uttering, let alone doing, the d-word. On both counts, you'd be making fair points, and obviously, I have some guilt.  But hear me out: I'm doing this (for now, at least) to make my body feel better and try to correct some of my bad eating habits (I think people should eat however they want to eat, I just don't think they should survive on snap pea crisps alone).  I'm trying to think of this as not about weight but about strength, motivated secondarily by a few certain dresses I would love to wear again. At the same time, I feel like I need to "confess" this to all of you because I want to make it totally clear that I don't think weight loss is for everyone -- American women, regardless of size, are barraged with the attitude that dieting should be a near-constant, self-loathing process, and I definitely don't condone that. Nobody should feel that they NEED to lose weight to feel good about themselves; weight loss should be a personal, healthy, autonomous decision, and fat-shamers can all go straight to hell. Just putting that out there.

That said, this is my taco-milkshake outfit.  It involves not only floral pants, but a metallic silver sweater, and metallic flats.  I was definitely the best dressed girl buying eggs and seltzer at 10 pm.

sweater: H&M (fall 2011)
pants: Urban Outfitters (spring 2013; Ali's)
flats: Ge Wa Wa (spring 2012)
earrings: from pinch


  1. the picture in the middle is obviously the best picture. onwards, taco-milkshakes!

  2. i'm essentially eating a taco milkshake right now... I mean it's really granola and weird kamut o's BUT I wish it were a taco milkshake.