Thursday, March 14, 2013

Real clothes

It's spring break for me, and Ali had the day off from work, so we decided to make the museum trip we had to forego due to the legions of day-drinkers last weekend.  For this adventure, we decided to get dressed like humans (Ali has a work uniform, and I've spent most of this break in yoga clothes*), take some photos, and then walk downtown.  The reality was that after these pictures we were damn cold, and raced to the car to drive and save ourselves from the wind.  All the best intentions, friends.

This outfit was centered on this amazing pleated wool skirt that I think was someone's Home Ec project. I thrifted it at Saver's this fall, and almost passed it by when I realized that there's no way to get it on.  Let me say that again: there's no way to get this thing on, other than tugging it gently over your thighs and hips, because it isn't elastacized, doesn't have a zipper, snap, button, fastener... nothing.  But once I coax it onto my body, it fits like a dream.

The other exciting part of this outfit is my chevron pineapple necklace, purchased at an amazing estate sale in Melina's hometown.  I'm obsessed with this thing; Ali despises it and mocks it whenever she gets the chance.  But even my surly girlfriend (pictured below) was able to appreciate how it went with this look.  Victory, team femme!

Here's Ali rocking some NARS lipcolor, my Wayfarers, and a sweet haircut courtesy of me.  #humblebrag

blazer: J. Crew Factory (summer 2011)
skirt: thrifted fall 2012, I think homemade
sweater: LOFT, stolen from my mom
necklace: estate sale (summer 2011)
boots: Justin Roper, via Ebay many years ago
purse: J. Crew (winter 2012, gift)

*I've actually been going to yoga class, not just lounging, so I'm giving myself a free pass this time.

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