Friday, March 22, 2013

Powers of Observation

This was my last week before spring break, and in typical fashion, it's been a wild one. It's interesting to finally be on the other side of that experience—things were mainly stressful because I was fielding a zillion questions about the take-home midterm and essay assignment that I'd assigned rather than because I was scrambling to finish various assignments. Of course, this means that I have a gigantic stack of grading to tackle over the break, but I'm also really looking forward to getting this chance to read my students' writing at length.

On Wednesday, my last day of teaching before break, the day was extra stressful because I also had my teaching observation. It's not that being observed has ever been a negative experience (last semester was really positive!). But there's something stressful about the co-existence of your desire for observer to get a sense of a "typical" day in the classroom and your knowledge that there will always be so many factors contributing to the classroom dynamic that remain outside of your control! I was especially worried about what the vibe in my classroom would feel like in terms of having discussion on a day when the midterm was due. But we had a really lively and interesting conversation about Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, so I couldn't have been happier.

All of these stressful "unknown" factors that can play into an observation usually make me obsess about the things I can control, like my outfit. But this week was so busy that I hadn't had much time to plan ahead. When I walked Griffin before just before leaving, I realized that I was FREEZING in the shirt I'd chosen, and I'd need to change fast. I threw on this shirt & cozy blazer without really knowing if it would work and texted Fuchsia for a quick second opinion. She approved of the blue/black combo as well as the tweed/polka one—and so I raced to the subway. Thanks for your help, Fuchsia! I think this was a good look for the occasion.

Blazer: thrifted (winter 2013)
Shirt: Gap Factory (fall 2012)
Jeans: BDG high rise cigarette
Necklace: queens metal: bold jewelry for fearless women
Boots: thrifted (fashionista vintage & variety)


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