Monday, March 25, 2013

From the vault!

These photos are practically archival- they've been trapped on Ali's phone for over a month, and I only now got around to snatching them so I could share this look with you guys.  A friend and I were invited to give a lecture we had presented at our school at a nearby liberal arts college, and we were thrilled to accept.  In my current program, I don't often have the opportunity to teach, so it was especially fun to be back in the classroom with a really engaging group of students at a SLAC not unlike the one Mel & and I attended. Ali snapped these photos after, and at that point, I was pretty high on academia (not something you can say every day in grad school).

The setting was pretty informal, so I chose this dress which satisfies all requirements of clothing for me: ruffles? Check.  Bright colors?  Check.  Floral?  HELL YES.  I'm also loving these earrings, which were a Christmas gift from Ali's mom (hi Marina!), and my yellow cardigan which is one of my favorite finds from the Anthropologie pre-Christmas 50% off sale sale.

Best part of this photo spot? A hook on the gate for my coat!
I'm not totally sure why my face is so ghost-like here, but maybe it has to do with taking photos outside of a cemetery gate?  Spooky.

Dress: Macy's Bar III (winter 2012, also I'm obsessed with this one too!)
Cardigan: Anthro (super sale! winter 2011)
Boots: Steve Madden (summer 2012)
Coat: J. Crew (and unabashedly stolen from my mom)