Friday, March 29, 2013

Femme-spiration Friday: Audrey Horne

Hi! It's Fuchsia. You might remember me from some of Femmepirical Evidence's greatest hits, including Ali's .gif party and the clothing swap. I am here today to talk to you about some seriously important 90s Femmespiration.

As with most things, I came late to the Twin Peaks party - let's just say it's because I run on femme time. After about six Log Ladies came up on my Instagram feed this past Halloween, I figured it was time and queued it up on instant watch. I'm happy to report that it combines everything I love in TV shows: the FBI, paranormal occurrences, some seriously beautiful Pacific Northwest scenery, murders, and high school (unlike Caroline, I did not stop watching Gossip Girl when it jumped the shark and I have no regrets). But, the main reason I kept watching this early 90's masterpiece all the way to the end after the second season slump is Audrey Horne.

Although Audrey, played by Sherilynn Fenn, is supposed to be nearly ten years younger than I am, her personal style is light-years ahead of mine. I don't even want to talk about where I was in my style timeline my senior year of high school, but I will tell you it involved wearing multiple skirts of different lengths at the same time and soda can tabs re-purposed as earrings. Audrey cultivates a mid-century sweater girl look pushed through the lens of the late 1980's and early 1990's, with dolman sleeves, an undone bob (we should all just forget her hair in the pilot episode ever happened), the best eyebrows on television, and a great shoe wardrobe.

I covet all of Audrey's schoolgirl skirts and sweaters. After watching through the first few episodes of the show, I realized her iconic green lace sweater had seeped into my subconscious and influenced the color and design combination I chose for a recent knitting project (and yes, this is literally the best face I make when Meg and Melina aren't around to take my picture).

But her sweaters and skirts shouldn't get all the love. She wore a few great buttondowns and dresses, too! I feel like I should be able to find all three of these at a cute indie clothing store (why can't I find any of them at a cute indie clothing store???)!

As a character, Audrey admittedly isn't the greatest. Her main role during the earlier episodes of the series seems to be to wander around town like a space cadet, dancing and baby-talking about the death of Laura Palmer in inappropriate places, and as a plot device for David Lynch to establish what a great guy Agent Cooper is when he doesn't give in to his feelings for a high school student. She bumbles a self-assigned undercover investigation at Canadian brothel One-Eyed Jack's, necessitating an international rescue operation that later complicates Cooper's standing at the FBI. As a sidenote, I am pretty sure this black dress in her initial scene at Jack's would look great on me and if we were real life friends like I am with Melina and Meg I would attempt to subtly bully her into giving it to me during a clothing swap.

Of course, her general ineptitude could be due to her age and maturity level; towards the end of the show, she stops caring so much about boys and high school and starts taking charge of her life by involving herself in the family business. Her wardrobe starts to change towards the end of the show to reflect her newfound maturity, but it stays true to her vintage-y roots and, most importantly, stays awesome.

In her new (albeit unofficial) role at the hotel, she heads a team attempting to help her father recover from a mental breakdown, in the process strong-arming her flaky Uncle Jerry and showing her apparently forceful business acumen. She later develops an interest in conservationism based on a business strategy, which grows into an apparently genuine alignment with the conservation movement in Twin Peaks.

Without resorting to any spoilers, every time I hear rumblings about a possible Twin Peaks reunion (none have panned out so far), I hope Audrey makes it through the events of the show's final episode and comes back as the billionaire, philanthropist head of an expanded Great Northern/Ghostwood empire, or as the Director of the FBI. Or, you know, maybe just the mayor of her hometown. Whatever floats her boat, really. Because, after all -


  1. Fuchsia, I really love this (and it reminds me of home). Also this:

  2. What an awesome blog post, I love twin peaks and Audrey is my favourite character. Sherilyn is absolutely gorgeous!