Monday, March 25, 2013

Black and White and Read All Over

Remember that old joke about the newspaper? Or, like, the sunburned zebra? I don't know. It seemed appropriate because (sorry guys) I'm doing two animal print posts in pretty quick succession. It actually would have been two in a row, but I left this post on the queue for good measure. I didn't wear zebra and leopard two days in a row on purpose; I was getting ready for a friend's birthday party (happy birthday, P!), and I just grabbed the first cardigan I saw to throw over this little black dress. Maybe it's a problem that I have so much animal print readily available, but Meg sent me a text later that night admitting to wearing two kinds of leopard print in the same outfit, so I think I'm in pretty good company.

I also tried to something out of the ordinary with my hair, so I went with a variation on the bouffant side-braids into messy bun look I tried before from a bobby glam tutorial. My backcombing results in a messier look than in the original tutorial, but I was still pretty pleased with this magical ponytail.

Cardigan: old as the hills (I think from Kohl's?)
Dress: stolen from Meg (James Perse)


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