Monday, February 11, 2013

Some snowed-in realness

Apologies, friends! Things have been crazy here. The most exciting news is that Ali and I have both been accepted to not one but two PhD programs, which means that my femme-academic life will continue for the next 5-7 years! Big decisions will be happening in the coming weeks, but for now I'm grateful and relieved.

Secondly, you may have heard that New England got some big snow. We've been snowed in for several days now, and classes are cancelled again tomorrow. It's fine with me- these have been restful days full of dinner parties with friends that live in our complex, reading, sledding, and some major snow boot realness (seriously, these LL Bean boots are worth their weight in gold). Above is the view from my window- the streets have since gotten a cursory plow, but that's three feet right there.

Unsurprisingly, aside from some good winter boots, I had very little clothing that would be appropriate for sledding. But, in true femme style, I was crafty and resourceful. My "snow suit" considered of a plaid and sweatshirt borrowed from Ali, and her Land's End anorak on top. On the bottom, I layered two pairs of exercise leggings, tall socks, and a pair of wool socks on top. I also wore this scarf that Ali bought me when she visited Ireland's Aran Islands, and my J. Crew earmuffs.

I'm looking forward to wearing clothes that aren't primarily constituted by spandex and wool soon, but in the meantime I'm enjoying my rest and feeling pretty damn proud about grad school.


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